OH6ZZ Pedition Pages


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OH8K peds summary and statistics - short summary

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Short visit to OH0 to check the JP91 boat

but also short stop in KO09cx

KO09cx 24-25 May 2008 call OH6ZZ/0 dxcc OH0


8-9 June 2008


Target was water square JP91 but sri, was too much wind.

I was qrv again from KO09cx

KO09cx 8-9 June 2008 call OH6ZZ/0 dxcc OH0


OH8K to KP49 12-14. Dec 2009



Ped to KQ -squares Aug 2010



OH8K KP46ud 9-13 Dec 2014


Märket OJ0B 10-15. June 2015


OH8K short visit to KP13fa 10-13. Dec 2015



 From SK3MF station as SF3NR MS Spring Contest 2016


Nordkapp KQ21 and KP49 July 2019

Few words ab my working  policy on peditions.

I prefer to work MS random and skeds only on special cases.

I try to work as many as possible and if on clx/KST chat, you may ask to turn ant but no need to ask permission to call.

If You copy me, pse call with report all the time, also during ongoing qso.

No prob with pile up - this will increase qso rate. I keep list of copied calls and try to work every station but please patience, there are probably other stations calling as well.

Only two exceptions;

- stations within tropo range, say .. 500..600km - pse call only short 5..10s periods, because tropo signal will block all pings/bursts and prevent finishing qso. Also easier for wsjt to decode.

- BIG GUNs You will be heard and worked, dont need to call all the time

Like DF2ZC writes:

"In general I have no priority list except for hams who conducted dxpeditions themselves in the past."